Why should I shop Local for my Prom Dress?

Every Prom Girl wants to avoid that awkward moment when making her grand entrance to Prom only to be confronted by another girl in exactly the same dress!!!!!!  There are things that you can do to make this scenario much less likely.  Please read on……

All Prom Dress shops will have exclusive areas with their designers.  This can vary from 10 Miles to 25 Miles depending on the designer and the local population density.

Almost every Prom Dress shop these days will keep a ‘school list’ so they know what styles have been sold by them to each school in their area, this is the best assurance you have that your dress should be unique at your Prom. 

Many shops will not sell the dress twice in the same colour and some go a step further and will not sell that style again regardless of the colour.

If you choose to travel outside of your local area your local stockist will have no control over a style that has already been sold to your school.  Therefore you are at a much higher risk of your dress being sold to another girl from your school by a local shop. 

It would not be fair on your local shop if you bought your dress out of area and then asked them not to sell the dress to your school. Most Prom shops are small family run local businesses who need their Prom sales to survive so should never be asked not to sell a dress just because someone bought out of their area.

Please check which designers and styles your local shops carry before looking further afield because if you buy from far away someone else may have already bought the same dress at their local Prom Dress Shop.

If you discover that you have the same dress as one of your peers contact your shop as soon as possible.  Many shops will try to change the style if they possibly can.  Although this is not always possible as many dresses are made to order. Once the order is placed with the designer the shop cannot cancel it.

Above all should the worst happen… Be positive…  Celebrate the fact that you and at least one other Prom girl have the most impeccable taste in dresses.  Have an amazing time at your Prom. You have been working towards this night all year xx

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