You’ve said “yes”, now comes the exciting part of your journey – choosing your wedding dress.

Alexia Wedding Dresses

Alexia Bridal Designs are here!

Rejoice, your big day is on it’s way and Ivy Blu have the bridal designer for you. Alexia Bridal is classic in design and has an air of elegance that keeps us coming back year after year.

Whether your wedding is international or in the UK, Alexia has you covered. They may have been founded in the US but their styles are known for combining New York style and British flavour. Think peanut butter jelly meets cucumber sandwiches in Central Park; eclectic but always classic.

They’ve been over 10 years in the making so Alexia Bridal know a thing or two about wedding gowns, hence why we are happy to have them in Ivy Blu.

Luckily they always use the best fabrics and intricate bead designs so it matches our high quality ethos in our store. We don’t just want you to look the best, we want you to feel the best.

If you would like to try our Alexia Bridal range, then please make an appointment here. Where you will have ninty minutes to be waited on by our friendly staff, bringing dresses right to your changing room. Whether it’s an Alexia Bridal design you choose, or you fancy something different, we can help you pick your perfect dress for your perfect day.

W403 Back

W403 by Alexia

W405 Back

W405 by Alexia

W407 2

W407 by Alexia

W410 1

W410 by Alexia


W411 by Alexia


W416 by Alexia


W426 by Alexia

W432 – Champagne (Custom)

W432 by Alexia

W433 – Back (Custom)

W433 by Alexia

W436 – Back (Custom)

W436 by Alexia