You’ve said “yes”, now comes the exciting part of your journey – choosing your wedding dress.

Tiffanys Bride Wedding Dresses by Tiffanys

Are you a Tiffanys kind of girl? Come to our showroom and try a Tiffanys Bride wedding dress, it could be the one!

Tiffanys Bride wedding dresses are part of the designer strong house Tiffanys. Not only do we love their bridal, we also stock their gorgeous Bridesmaid dresses as well as their Prom dresses. We love them and we think you will too.

Tiffanys Bride wedding dresses always pride themselves on their ability to suit the contemporary bride. They have paid careful attention to silhouettes so the dresses really maximise a lady’s figure beautifully.

Which is something we love at Ivy Blu. It’s so important to find a designer that really understands a women’s figure. Especially on your wedding day!

Their fabrics are always well thought out and are of a high quality.  We believe it’s important to look good but feel comfortable doing it as well. It’s your special day and you deserve nothing but the best.

If you would like to try Tiffanys dresses, please make an appointment in our Billericay wedding dress showroom. 

Athens 1

‘Athens’ by Jessica Grace

Brisbane 1

‘Brisbane’ by Jessica Grace

Copenhagen 1

‘Copenhagen’ by Jessica Grace

London 2

‘London’ by Jessica Grace

Oslo 1

‘Oslo’ by Jessica Grace

Santiago 1

‘Santiago’ by Jessica Grace

Sofia 1

‘Sofia’ by Jessica Grace

Sofia 5

‘Valencia’ by Jessica Grace