Sews Dresses In Billericay

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be your Seamstress! A guide about dress alterations

dress alterations

Jean the sewing queen

Dress Alterations are all sewn up at Ivy Blu

Have you ever wondered how seamstresses work their magic? We have too, so we quizzed ours to find out the score on dress alterations.

Prom dress alterations can be super confusing, most people are having their proms at the same time! So to help with the confusion we have come up with a prom dress alterations, out of house, seamstress list.

Why have we done this? Well, we have one in house seamstress and so far this prom season we have sold in excess of 600+ prom dresses. Our sewing queen Jean works fast, but not that fast! Hence the list. These seamstresses are all insured and work separately from us, we do not take commission, we just send you to them because you deserve the best when having your dress altered.

All of the lovely ladies on our list all have bridal alteration experience, we believe that this is essential. It proves to us that they can be entrusted with special occasion dresses that are complex and have the ultimate alteration hell, bead-work!

Another plus point is, they work for themselves. This means they are more flexible on times/ days they can see you. We are bound buy shop hours and insurances blah, blah, blah. They also come from different locations! Which is great for you as they will be closer to your home.

sews dresses in Billericay

On the other hand, we have Jean our bridal sewing queen! She works on all the dress alterations for brides and flower girl dresses that have been bought from us.

But how does all of that benefit you and your wedding dress? OK hold tight, here’s why. DRESS SECURITY! We are basically your wedding dress body guard right up until your wedding. Where else are you going to keep your dress to stop it getting creased or worse, tried on by your sister? Ivy Blu will store your ordered dress FREE OF CHARGE! FREE! We’re good aren’t we?!

If you have bought a sale dress from us, that goes home with you since your wedding is probably very close, hence why you needed an off the peg dress!

OK, back to seamstress work and dress alterations. We always advise that it’s better to buy a dress too big because it’s easier to take a dress in than it is to let one out. However, they have been known to work magic! We will always try to make a dress fit you like a glove, that’s why we keep a record of your measurements to refer back to.

Being unique is a wonderful thing, that’s what makes us different. And that’s why we need to alter every dress. People’s proportions are never the same so that’s why we have sample dresses for you to try on in our dress showroom which is based in Billericay. Once you find your style, we order you a dress from our designers, who make it to their specifications. Then we alter it, simples!

Where can we find you? Glad you asked. We live in Barleylands, Billericay. Here’s a video to give you a hand. Please book an appointment first here.