What’s the deal on wedding and prom dresses in Essex? We’ll tell you!

Sale dresses are not just for wedding and prom, they last a lifetime! Let us explain…

Everyone loves a bargain right? Of course we do, it’s hardwired into our DNA! So Ivy Blu is here to the rescue, naturally! We also had a little brainwave. Pay less for a dress and then get it altered into a going out out dress! Then you can get more wear out of a dress you buy from us too.

We know you all search for ‘wedding dresses Essex’ or ‘prom dresses Essex’ on your phone frantically scanning over prices and the non priced websites where the panic sets in and you think you can’t afford it right? WRONG!

We don’t put prices because we have so many dresses that change constantly! So to expand on our sale dresses a little bit more. We have sale rails for both wedding and prom dresses. Why is this? Well as we are constantly getting new styles in, we need to make room, simple as.

Think of our dress shop as a showroom. We display 100’s of samples in all manor of styles, colours, lengths, sizes. You book an appointment. You then have the opportunity to work with a trained consultant who will not only suggest full price dresses but indeed our sale dresses as well. WE WANT YOU TO LOOK AMAZING! Because if you look amazing you most probably feel amazing too!

We do not sell for a commission because we don’t want our staff to be pushy. Our staff sell our dresses based completely on you. Your skin tone, height, weight, preferences, budget. Hence our sale rail again, no lady should be without a dress.

So we believe we have the largest wedding dress sale and prom dress sale in Essex. Simply because we have a large showroom hence we have more dresses! We always advise you book to look because if the shoe was on the other foot, yes we also do shoes, you would want your consultant to be with you and not distracted by people that haven’t booked.

All of our sale dresses are designer dresses. They have been tried on as they are our sample dresses. So we have heavily discounted the price to reflect the fact there could be a bead missing etc. What’s the catch? See what I did there? …There is none. We carefully look over the dress together before you purchase it, we write down any flaws and as long as you are happy we are happy. We can repair certain aspects of a dress for you at additional cost if that’s something you would like. Alternately, take your sale dress away with you on the day!

So sale prom dresses start at £50 and wedding dresses start from £100. Absolute bargain! See you soon. Love Ivy Blu. X

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