Make an entrance on prom night with a stunning dress from Ivy Blu’s, Jora prom dress collection

Jora Prom Dress Collection

Jora Prom Dresses at, you guessed it, Ivy Blu!

Jora prom collections was created in 2000 by Designs USA Ltd. They created their brand in the syrup capital, Canada! Thank you for making our pancakes perfect and our dresses delicious!

It was then brought across the pond to the UK and Europe in 2006 where it exploded and became popular with industry stockists and customers alike.

We absolutely love them being part of our designer dress showroom because they always offer up quirkier designs that are unlike our other prom dresses. We find that they are in the bracket of being affordable designer fashion, which means we can deliver more choice for you at a better price!

We would also say that they have a few less size options than some of our other designers. If you would like a more comprehensive size range, we have dresses that can be ordered up to a size 30, but by all means, have a look at Jora for yourself! On the plus side, they are american couture sizes that do not match up to UK sizes. Please do not be disheartened! It’s all gravy baby!

Jora dresses can be seen below and remember a prom dress isn’t just for prom! They can be altered after your event so that you can wear them again.

Fancy seeing if your dress is a Jora dress? Book your appointment here to try them on.

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