Make an entrance on prom night with a stunning dress from Ivy Blu.

Eternity Prom Dresses

Eternally grateful for Eternity Prom Dresses at Ivy Blu!

Eternity Prom designs are, yet again, another designer with a shed load of industry experience! 20 years of making fashionable prom dresses convinced us that we should definitely be a stockist.

The best way to describe Eternity prom, is by what they call themselves: ‘red carpet glamour.’ We believe a lot of girls, this year, are opting for celebrity chic style, hello Eternity! The dresses look and feel like star quality but we advise that you probably shouldn’t give out your autograph, the dresses can have that affect on you!

So if you would like to be red carpet ready for your prom day, Eternity Prom can offer you modern stretch jerseys, with what they like to call ‘back drama.’ They also have classic outlines to show off your figure elegantly.

Eternity Prom love to shake up their designs regularly so every year, at Ivy Blu, we make sure those latest trends are in our store.

As always we quality check the dresses and give them our seal of approval. That’s our favourite part!

Sound like the designer for you? Book your prom appointment at Ivy Blu today. As prom season gets so busy, we would hate for you to be disappointed.

12654 F Red
12654-F-P Blue
12654 F Red12654 F P Blue12654 F12654 B

12654 by Eternity

12698 F
12698 F12698 B

12698 by Eternity

12707 F2
12707 F2
12707 F
12707 B
12707 F212707 F12707 B

12707 by Eternity

12719 F3
12719 F3
12719 F2
12719 F
12719 B
12719 F312719 F212719 F12719 B

12719 by Eternity

12726 F3
12726 F3
12726 F2
12726 F
12726 B
12726 F312726 F212726 F12726 B

12726 by Eternity

16307 Ivory
16307 Ivory16307 F16307 Close16307 B

16307 by Eternity

12732 F2
12732 F2
12732 F
12732 B
12732 F212732 F12732 B

12732 by Eternity

12737 Fb
12737 Fb
12737 F3
12737 F2
12737 F
12737 Fb12737 F312737 F212737 F

12737 by Eternity

12748 B 0822 Copy
12748-B-0822 Copy
12748-F-0465 Copy
12748-F-0815 Copy
12748-F-0856 Copy
12748-F-0880 Copy
12748-FBF-0844 Copy
12748 B 0822 Copy12748 F 0465 Copy12748 F 0815 Copy12748 F 0856 Copy12748 F 0880 Copy12748 FBF 0844 Copy

12748 by Eternity

14932 B 0284 Copy
14932-B-0284 Copy
14932-F-0025 Copy
14932-F-0266 Copy
14932 B 0284 Copy14932 F 0025 Copy14932 F 0266 Copy

14932 by Eternity

16348 B 0809 Copy
16348-B-0809 Copy
16348-F-0425 Copy
16348-F-0801 Copy
16348-F-1351 Copy
16348 B 0809 Copy16348 F 0425 Copy16348 F 0801 Copy16348 F 1351 Copy

16348 by Eternity

16353 B 0139 Copy
16353-B-0139 Copy
16353-F-0094 Copy
16353-F-0212 Copy
16353-F-1015 Copy
16353-F-1017 Copy
16353 B 0139 Copy16353 F 0094 Copy16353 F 0212 Copy16353 F 1015 Copy16353 F 1017 Copy

16353 by Eternity

46176 B 0741 Copy
46176-B-0741 Copy
46176-D-0842 Copy
46176-FFFF-0778 Copy
46176 B 0741 Copy46176 D 0842 Copy46176 FFFF 0778 Copy

46176 by Eternity