Make an entrance on prom night with a stunning dress from Ivy Blu’s, Blush prom dress collection

Blush Prom Dresses

Blush Prom Dresses, read all about it!

We are simply blushing over the new prom 2018 collection by Blush! Exquisite designs have been paired with trendy new colours to create dresses that we think are stunning! But don’t just take our word for it, Blush really like them too.

There really is something for every lady, as they can be ordered in multiple sizes. Our prom girls deserve the best, which is why we have picked a Blush collection to suit every shape, size and attitude!

Whether you’re feeling mermaid vibes, simply strapless or all out dancing lady emoji, Ivy Blu have the dress for you. Our ladies will be at the boutique to assist you match dress colour and style to YOUR style.

The designers at Blush keep us coming back every year for their prom collection, we can’t contain our excitement when the prom dresses arrive! Like kids at Christmas or princesses on prom night, you get the picture.

So if you are looking for your 2018 prom dress, do pop in and take a look at our Blush prom dresses.

Blush Tulle Pink Prom Dress

Tulle Prom Dress by Blush

Blush Jersey Off White Silver Teal Front

Jersey Prom Dress by Blush

11552 4 Copy

Shimmer Mikado Prom Dress by Blush

11504 3 Copy

Tulle/Metallic Lace Prom Dress by Blush

11514 1 Copy

Silky Satin Prom Dress by Blush

11524 3 Copy

Metallic Shimmer Prom Dress by Blush

11541 1 Copy

Silky Crepe Prom Dress by Blush