Make an entrance on prom night with a stunning dress from Ivy Blu.

Angel Forever Prom Dresses

Angel Forever dresses on the red carpet at Ivy Blu!

Angel Forever dresses have established themselves rather quickly on the designer dress scene. We snapped them up so we can offer you a variety of dresses in our showroom.

Angel pride themselves on creating looks for red carpet ready celebrities, as well as pageants all over Europe and the U.K. Plus prom all over the world to boot!

If it’s affordable and quality you are after, then look no further than Angel Forever dresses. We enjoy having their dresses in our shop. They bring a quirkier character to our dress collection, as well as a different price point.

Their designs are different. If you love being unique and march to the beat of your own drum, Angel is the designer for you.

Book your one to one shopping appointment here, to try on Angel. Alternatively, we have a a handful of exclusive designers on our rails. See what takes your fancy!

AF1926 (LOGO LR) 2202741 RT Copy

 Angel Forever 1926

Angelforeverpromdress 8

 Angel Forever 1556

AF005 Red F

 Angel Forever 005

AF1837 D Fone F

SALE- Angel Forever 1837


SALE- Angel Forever 1838


SALE-  Angel Forever 1866

Angelforeverpromdress 3

SALE- Angel Forever 2418

Angelforeverpromdress 10

 Angel Forever AF909

Angelforeverpromdress 4

SALE- Angel Forever C09

Angelforeverpromdress 14

SALE- Angel Forever AF1989