Wedding Dress Shopping

Ivy Blu’s top tips for surviving wedding dress shopping

The wedding planning process is full of decisive moments from choosing your bridesmaids to selecting a venue and of course finding your perfect dress.

Just like any bride, you’re bound to be asked questions such as ‘what’s your dress like?’, ‘have you found a dress?’ or ‘don’t forget this style is so in this season’.   It can often be overwhelming.  So here at Ivy Blu, we’ve put together our top tips to make wedding dress shopping that little bit easier.

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself. It is your day and your dress, it is often easy to get swept away with other people’s ideas and opinions on what you should be wearing. Ultimately, you have the final decision. We suggest taking people to your fitting that you trust, don’t feel obliged to take everyone.
  2. Don’t limit yourself. Often brides have a dream dress idea that simply doesn’t exist apart from in their minds. Let your consultant know about your dreams and desires but be open to trying new ideas. Sometimes a dress you had ignored could be the one.
  3. Start early. Finding the perfect dress takes time, leaving things to the last minute could ultimately leave you in a position where settle for a dress that you’re not happy with. We recommend at least six months lead in time.
  4. Communicate with your bridal consultant. Ultimately the consultant is there is to help you find your perfect dress so make the most of their knowledge and experience. Consultants need to be made aware of your budget, previous looks you may have tried and most importantly what you like.
  5. Enjoy it. For many, wedding dress shopping is a once in a lifetime event so make the most of it and enjoy the experience. Soak up the atmosphere and start searching for your perfect dress.

It’s easy to get carried away in the whole wedding dress shopping experience but with the help of our professionally trained bridal consultants, we aim to guide you through this magical journey. If you’d like to visit us or simply want a chat, get in touch today.

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