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I live in Essex and I need a wedding dress!

OK, real talk, ALL timescales in this blog are approximations! As you can imagine, not everything falls neatly into time slots like it should. Wouldn’t it be great if life was perfect like that? That being said, if you are looking for a wedding dress in Essex, we are your people! We can not only help you find a wedding dress but we have a back up sale wedding dress rail if you really are in a rush.

Let’s set the scene, life never quite goes as expected right? Whatever may be happening to you right now, we have options to ease your stress. So let’s spell out your options and give you a solution.

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Scenario 1

“I have plenty of time! (Two years before wedding, venue not booked) My other half has just proposed so I’m just having a play right now.”

Solution: Please don’t do this to yourself! Shopping for your dress way too early can mean more worry closer to your wedding. Things change, your body, your bridesmaids, your groom… just kidding! You are also giving yourself time for your tastes to change and you may end up spending more money on a second dress because new styles have come out that you prefer. Wait until you have booked your venue. That way, you know what dress will look great with the scenery!

Scenario 2

“I have about a year to the wedding and I have chosen a colour scheme. I would like my decorations, dresses and cake to be very similar to  this sample fabric I have. We have booked So and So wedding venue in Essex.”

Solution: More of a to do list than a solution. You are in just the right time frame. Be wary of fabric swatches though! It will be a tall order to try and get everything the same colour. Be advised that shades will vary. It’s best to have an appointment with all of the people you need to and match your fabric to each service’s own samples. Don’t order all your dresses in the hope they will match the cake! Get your wedding dress sorted and then you can concentrate on everyone else before your alterations start happening. (Which we can do in house for you by the way).

Scenario 3

“My wedding is in six months and I just can’t find the right dress for me!”

Solution: Try not to panic please. We can help you. We have a fantastic sale rail which are ex sample dresses, just like WED2B. Some have not even been tried on! If you do not have long, this is probably the best route to go down as we do not have to wait for you dress to come into our Billericay store. We can then also get the process of your alterations started immediately! Once you add the cost of your sale dress and your alterations, you will still be way under budget of a new ‘ordered in’ dress. Then you can treat yourself to more accessories. 😉

Solution 2: We can order you a dress from a designer that we know will be able to deliver to us in time. And we do this via a rush cut order service (it’s well known in the wedding industry as a wedding dress queue jump essentially). However, please be advised that this is by no means the best solution, we will endeavour to make this work if you do choose this option. Please bear in mind you will need alteration time as well. Plus bridesmaids’ dresses can be annoying to try and get in on time. We do offer rush cut for these dresses as well.

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So to conclude all your options here:

  1. If you have ages, even though it is tempting, please get your other wedding essentials sorted first.
  2. If you are in scenario 2, keep doing you!
  3. If you are three! Get an appointment booked with us asap, so we can get your wedding dress in and altered! Click here to book into our wedding dress showroom in Billericay, Essex.