Help! I’m a Prom Dress Mum!

We’ve all been there, your daughter wants to go shopping, AGAIN. Not only is it shopping, it’s prom dress shopping! We totally get that it IS stressful when there are so many factors in play. So to try and ease your pain, we thought we would give you some hints and tips.

 Make an appointment 6 months before the prom! We get so many panicking mum’s ringing up last minute trying to find something. Unless you are buying a sale dress… your daughter’s dress will not be ready on time if you leave it too late! Our dress showroom is just that, a show room, all dresses that are here, are bought for trying on purposes only. Which means, once you have found ‘the one’ we then have to order it from our designers, who then have to make it… so on and so forth. Unfortunately, designer dress shops do not work like Primark, for example, you can’t pick a dress off of the rail and take away the same day. 

? Even though you have booked a personal shopping appointment, there will be other appointments happening in the shop at the same time. We would absolutely LOVE to offer a shop shut session just for you and your family. However, that’s just not realistic for you or for us. Can you imagine how much we would have to charge you on top of your dress to make this happen?! Plus, this way you get to see other styles that the girls are trying on and perhaps see something you hadn’t thought of. 

? We are appointment only for a reason, we want to help you AND your daughter find the perfect prom dress. So we need to help her in and out of dresses, as well as show you all the different styles that will suit, hair colour, skin colour, height, weight etc. We really do have a dress for everyone in our showroom and that’s why you need an assistant. Our ladies will direct you straight to dresses they know will suit your daughter. 

? When your daughter tries on dresses, even if they are her size, they will not fit her perfectly in most cases. This is simply because everyone’s body shape is different. Don’t worry, we will measure your daughter so that you know exactly what her measurements are. We then consult our size chart. They are not the same as high street sizes but it’s OK as we know what we are doing, honest! 🙂 Plus we have a long list of insured seamstresses that will be happy to adjust length and size of your daughter’s couture dress. You don’t have to use our recommendations though, shop around.  

? Once you have purchased your daughter’s beautiful dress from us, thank you very much, it has now been ordered with the designer and being handmade. We WILL call you when it arrives to us in store. Please don’t worry, it WILL be here, but it does take time to be made from scratch. The time for them coming in varies from designer to designer, even colour to colour. Some dresses just take longer to make and ship to the U.K. Imagine this, they make thousands of prom dresses and usually all around the same time of year. 

? We NEVER EVER, sell the same dress to the same school. We have a school list that we use to ensure that this doesn’t happen and can be picked up before it is too late. One thing we will stress, is that other shops out of area can and will, sell the same dresses. We do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure that your daughter will look unique but, as you can imagine, we cannot control other shops. Sometimes they sell similar styles also.  

? Lastly, it’s just a prom dress. What?! Let us explain, we take bullying very seriously! Over the years we have had mums and daughters in tears because of conversations that have taken place at school etc. We don’t tolerate it at all. But we do have to make you aware that it goes on. If you are experiencing anything like this, please do let us know. Take care, love, Ivy Blu. X

If we can help you with anything else, please don’t hesitate to call us: 01268 520 604