Engagement Accessory

Engagement ring not fitting? We’ll see about that

engagement accessory

Congratulations to all the engage-ees in 2018! We love hearing all your stories of how and when. So it got us thinking, what is it no one prepares you for when being engaged? Well not only do you have a whole wedding to plan and a new mother in law, you probably have a fab ring that doesn’t fit!

Thank you Bex for highlighting this game changing wedding accessory! The engagement ring snuggie! What a simple yet effective idea.

We did a little research and in most cases, it costs more than the ring is worth, to get it resized! Now you can’t be dealing with that as well as all the above. So in the mean time, get yourself a snuggie, sit back whilst your groom-to-be feeds you grapes and search our website for your perfect dress, deal? We think so.

If you are interested in a snuggie, you can buy one here.

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